(Pre-School / 4 – 5 Age Group)

Our student navigators will become socially and academically ready for a smooth transition into kindergarten all the while having fun navigating through our extravagant world of work centers.  Our early 3’s will be transitioned gradually into our preschool program to ensure they are confident and excited to navigate through their new journey at SSA!  Our work centers include our Library and Listening Center, Culture and Music Center, Mathematics Center, Literacy & Language Center, Science & Idea Factory Center, Sensory & Art Center.  Our students will be encouraged to navigate and explore all of our work centers on a daily basis.  Each and every student will enjoy the hands on learning materials and individual work space to their liking whether they choose a desk setting or floor setting.  Our preschool curriculum is student guided as they are encouraged to try something new daily.
Our curriculum objectives:

Language and Literacy-use increasingly complex sentences, uses language to communicate ideas, feelings, needs and questions. Initiate and respond in conversations and discussions. Spoken sentences increase in length and grammatical complexity. Understands story sequence, connects own life with related events in books. Progresses from using letter like symbols to writing familiar words.

Mathematics-compare quantities of two groups of objects, sorts objects by color, size, or shape, duplicate and extend simple patterns, combines, separates, and names “how many” objects.

Science & Ideas-utilizes different methods to solve problems, classifies items that belong together, discuss common properties, differences, and comparisons of objects, approaches activities with increased imagination and inventiveness,  and makes predictions and explanations based on past experiences.

Sensory & Art-names different shapes, lines, colors, forms, and materials, creates more detailed drawing, paintings, and other artwork, develops increasing hand-eye coordination (stringing beads, using scissors, etc.)

Library and Listening-concentrates increasingly on tasks or interactions, learns how to choose a book according to likes and dislikes increasing from colors and covers, learns self discipline and learning to appreciate quiet time and thinking space.

Dramatic Play-recognizes familiar places in the community, begins to understand how his and her reactions affect others, gains knowledge of people in the community and the roles of individuals in a restaurant and veterinary hospital, role play, learn to handle small pets, set a table, greet a customer, proper handling and carrying of food, adding and counting of money, recognizing and implementing problem solving through happy and sad customers, show compassion and most important, HAVE FUN!!!

SSA Physical Health and Development-Develops independence in hygiene and personal care, becomes more self sufficient in using tissues, washing hands, and other self help skills, dance with control, moves in time to different music rhythms, and learns the importance of daily exercise and healthy eating choices increasing to making those choices independently.

Detailed behavior and progress reports and notes from your teachers will be available for each child on our private parent portal. Please enjoy our private personal fun filled calendar with extracurricular activities, birthdays, and special events…