(Toddler Age Group)

Our little explorers are ready to discover the world through hands on play, building secure connections, and motivated exploration.  We will build a strong foundation to foster self regulation of emotions, behaviors, attention, and body control.  We will also help our parents by transforming everyday routines into playful learning activities.  Our new walkers love to explore outdoors and will be encouraged to do so on our fun and safe playground including our irresistible sensory learning tables.

Our toddler curriculum will focus on:

  • Language Development through verbal and nonverbal conversation
  • Literacy through patterns in rhymes, songs and reading and writing
  • Mathematics through counting in rhymes and songs, sorting, and understand the word “more”
  • Creative Expression through a variety of art tools, imitations and facial expressions, uses play props in dramatic play
  • Social and Emotional Development through recognizing family members and cooperating with others, simple interactions, identifying places at school that correspond to places at home
  • Physical Health and Development through stacking age appropriate toys and awareness of simple body parts, uses crayons, markers, and paintbrushes with increasing control, independent eating and daily participation in our SSA Little People Fitness Program.

Our skill sets will vary based on our younger and older toddlers while blending helps to encourage our responsible big brother big sister approach at a young age (this will aid in preparing our toddlers for possible younger siblings).   Detailed Individual Reporting will be available through our parent portal including eating, diaper changing and potty training progress, behavior and educational progress reports and notes from your teachers along with our private personal calendar with extracurricular activities, birthdays, and special events.